Zombie Apocalypse Trivia Treasure Hunt
~Printable Party Game~

Our printable Zombie Apocalypse game is a survivor trivia scavenger hunt that comes with everything you need to set up and play.  Find out which of your friends have what it takes to survive a zombie attack and which ones are sitting zombie bait!  

How the Game is Played:

In our printable zombie scavenger hunt players have to answer questions that test their knowledge of zombies and apocalypse survival skills. Each correct answer on the trivia question cards leads to the next trivia clue, then the next. Continuing until all 12 challenges have been passed. The last clue leads to a a safe haven (perhaps a treasure, prize, or simply bragging rights)  The only goal of the game is to make it to the safe haven without becoming a zombie.

Zombie Apocalypse Trivia Treasure Hunt
~How Players Become Zombies~

At the beginning of the game one of the players is designated the first zombie.  You can decide this by drawing sticks or however you would like.  The zombie’s job is to search the party area for the hidden zombie tags.  Each Zombie tag has one of the players name written on it, so once the zombie finds that players card all they have to do is touch them and that player becomes a zombie.  Once someone is a zombie they join the search for other zombie cards.  The only goal of the zombies is to make sure no one makes it to the safe haven as a human.

Hiding the Zombie Tags: The zombie tags should be hidden like easter eggs – sporadically throughout the hunt area.  Some people have chosen to create maps or clues to lead the zombies, but this is not necessary.  You don’t want to make it too easy for the zombies to find all the cards because the game could be over before it even gets a chance to begin.  Make it a challenge to find the cards because remember for every zombie card found that is going to be one more zombie looking for the zombie cards.

Zombie Apocalypse Trivia Treasure Hunt
~How the Game Works~

We created this XXX trivia treasure hunt using our signature unique style that allows the host to be able set it up anywhere without having to use generic hiding places. So whether your event is taking place at home, or in the woods, in a cave,  on a train, in a school, or across an entire town - you can play this ANYWHERE.  

Each team starts out with a Clue Master which you fill in ahead of time to let players know what locations might be hiding a clue.  There are 12 hiding places where clues will be hidden, the other 48 spaces are for Wrong Answer cards to be hidden.  Once you determine 60 hiding locations you can edit this sheet and type them in. Then you simply hide each clue and wrong answer card according to the number shown in the bottom right hand corner.    Voila - you are ready to start the hunt!

How do the players use the Clue Master?

The answer to each clue is a number, so when players solve a clue (or think they solved the clue) they then look up that number on their Clue Master.  If they believe the answer to a clue is 4, they look to see what location is listed next to number 4 on their Clue Master - they then go to that location and search to find their next clue.

 If they are correct they will find the next clue there, if they are wrong it will lead to a card explaining why their answer is not the best choice in the situation and it will tell them to try again.

This continues until they have solved all 12 clues. The last clue will lead to the Safe Haven Location and the players that make it there human get to claim victory!

Zombie Apocalypse Trivia Treasure Hunt
~Game Clue Samples~

Trivia Treasure Hunt Clue Sample 1

This is a sample clue that players would receive in the game.  Players would read the question and decide together which answer they believe is the correct one.  They would then look up the answers number on their Clue Master and go to that location.  Depending on which answer they chose they would find 1 of 4 cards. 

For this example the correct answer is 19, and if players go to location 19 from their Clue Master sheet they would be told that their next clue could be found at location 5 on their CLue Master.  If they choose any of the other options they will find a card explaining why that is not the best option and telling them to try again.

Trivia Treasure Hunt Clue Sample 2

OPTIONAL:  A fun thing to do is add a consequence for every Wrong Answer card found. Some choose a silly action or challenge r for each wrong answer. Sometimes its a game of chance, a game of skill, or more zombie trivia they must answer. These are a fun ideas to add a level of excitement to the game and creates a desire to try a little harder to get the answer right the first time.

Zombie Apocalypse Trivia Treasure Hunt
~Common Questions~

What is the age range for this Zombie Apocalypse survivor game?

This game is great for teens and adults.  The contents of some of the questions is a bit violent for younger players – I mean it is the zombie apocalypse, these aren’t pretty times.  For younger players we have a great selection of ideas for Kids Zombie Party Games.

How many players can play this game?

I would say between 8 – 15.  If you have more players you may want to set up two or more different teams.  This can be done by printing out as many sets of question cards as there are teams and hiding the question cards in a separate place for each team.  You will just need to give each team a different clue locator sheet with the hiding locations changed for each team.  The default locations can stay the same.

How long does it take to play?

It really depends on how many players are playing, how well the zombie cards are hidden, and how smart the players are, and how big your playing area is ( is this being played in your house, back yard, or across a whole neighborhood or town?  )  I would say a short game is 35 minutes, longer games last over an hour.

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Your XXX Trivia Treasure Hunt includes:

  • Complete Instructions
  • Zombie Trivia Clue Questions
  • Wrong Answer Cards
  • Zombie Tags
  • Winner Card
  • Editable Clue Locator Sheets
  • BONUS: Editable Party Invitations 

 The editable Zombie Apocalypse invitation seen on left is included in your download.  To edit your 5x7 invitation just click on the default text using Adobe Reader and replace with your own. 

Your printable game will arrive within minutes in a ready-to-print PDF file.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!  Contact  Us At: PrintPlayParty@gmail.com