Whose the Turkey?!?
~Printable Thanksgiving Game~

Everyone sits around the table or in a circle and everyone has a Whose the Turkey card  with something relate to Thanksgiving - one of the cards has a turkey!  

One players sits in the middle (if your playing at the table just designate one player as the guesser).  

The other players each take a card from the pile.  The player who draws the turkey, is considered the TURKEY for that round.

 Now all players must trade their cards with another player, look at their new cards, and then trade their cards with a different player. 

At this point the guesser can say GOBBLE GOBBLE and the players that received the turkey in the TRADE (not the original Turkey) must GOBBLE GOBBLE back.  The guesser then gets two chances to guess who had the turkey card originally.

 If they guess right they get a piece of candy or other small prize and get to go again.  If they guess wrong the player who originally grew the turkey gets to be the next guesser. Play as long as you like - best with six or more players.

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