Who's the Mind Flayer?
~A Printable Stranger Things Party Game~

This is a fun guessing and bluffing game that players of all ages can enjoy!

Each player gets a character card and place it face up in front of them.  There are 14 character cards, each featuring a different character from Stranger Things.  Now each player draws a mini card.  All, except one, will have a Brain On image - the one that doesn't will have an image of the Mind Flayer.  

Each player looks at their mini card and then places it face up UNDER their character card without revealing it to the other players.  Players take turns making a guess as to whose mind has been taken over by the Mind Flayer.  Once a player makes their guess the accused must lift up their character card to reveal if they were right or wrong. If right they get a point and the mini cards are redistributed for another round.  If wrong the next player gets a turn to guess until someone guesses correctly.

Best for 5-14 players.  

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