Truth or Shots!
~Printable Drinking Game~

Truth or Shots is just what it sound like - you and your friends answer sexy ,awkward, twisted psychological, and sometimes evil truth questions, those who refuse to answer must take a shot.  

Coming up with good truth questions is sometimes hard, but it will make or break the game!  We provide over 180 on easy-to-print cards that will definitely win the night.  You may not have thought of these questions yourself, but you will be glad we did.  

To play spread the cards out on the table and have each of your friends take turns drawing and reading one.  They must answer the question they drew truthfully or decline and take a penalty shot.  We also offer bonus cards that will give each player one chance to make another player answer their question, make another player take their shot, swap for another question, or come up with their own truth question.

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