Printables FAQ

What software do I need?

My files will only work in Adobe Reader. Most computers will already have Adobe Reader installed – but please check that you are using the latest version! It's FREE and you can download it here: 

The fonts are not showing up properly in my files - what do I do?

Most fonts used are embedded in the files, which means they will automatically work within the file when opened up in Adobe Reader.  If the fonts are not working properly it is almost always because you are opening the file in a PDF reader other than Adobe Reader. Sometimes the font is not embedded in the file, in these circumstances I have included the font in the file you received.  You will need to add that font to your font folder BEFORE you open the file in Adobe Reader. 

What do I do with the font file if one is included?

In SOME of our editable printables there is a font  included.  This must be added to your computer's font collection BEFORE OPENING THE FILES IN ADOBE in order for it to work properly in the PDF's.  

How do I edit / personalize the files?

IF the file is editable, many games are not, it will be described so in the description on the site. If it is editable simply open the PDF files in Adobe Reader, select/highlight my sample text and start typing in your own wording - it's that easy.  If you decide for any reason you would like us to personalize your printables for you please contact us.  As long as it is not extensive we offer this service for free.

 Will the work on an iphone, Ipad, Tablet, or mobile device?

No, my files won't work on an your mobile device.  Trying to download them using any of these devices will often end in frustration and an email to me.  Please download to your laptop or computer and open them in Adobe Reader only.  If you have exhausted your downloads attempting to download from one of these devices please contact us and they will be reset.

 Can I change colors, graphics, backgrounds, fonts, fonts size, etc?

No, Adobe Reader won't allow you to change any colors, graphics, backgrounds etc. Plus, my files are secured and you will not be able to open them in any graphic design program to alter them.

 Can I print at a photo lab?

No, my files are not JPGs and cannot be printed at a photo lab as a photo.

 Can I print at a Copy Shop?

Yes, you can print your files at a copy shop such as Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Kinkos etc. On  occasion (not usually) they may ask for a permission letter from us  to print.  If this occurs you can download and print the permission letter here.  This is an editable permission slip that you open in Adobe Reader and type in your name, name, and product name and then print.  

 How do I send out only one page for printing, not the whole lot?

The easiest way is to download the ZIP File of Individual Pages from your Downloads page (this will be the last download link) - you can then personalize and send out just the pages you need. Please note that the ZIP file will need to be unzipped before you can open the pages in Adobe Reader.

What paper should I use to print?

My templates are formatted to print on US Letter Size paper (also prints perfectly on A4 if you are in Australia/UK). If you are printing at home I recommend a heavyweight Matte Photo Paper for best results. However bright white Cardstock also works well. If printing at a copy shop choose their Cardstock.

 Can I print the files out at a larger size?

No, my files will only be able to be printed at their original size and not at a larger size. This is due to the security settings on the files. 

 I want to send my invitations out by email - Can I do this?

If you have purchased  one of our printable party invitations you can use the PrintScreen function on your computer to create an image of your personalized invitation that will be the perfect size for emailing. You cannot email out the editable PDF file.

Can I use my Silouette, Cricut (or similar) cutting machine to cut out the designs?

No, my designs are not formatted for any cutting machine. They are PDF files and cannot be saved into the format required by a cutting machine.

Can I print on Avery Label / Sticker Paper?

No, my files aren’t formatted to print on any kind of pre-formatted or pre-cut label paper. If you wish to print as stickers on label paper, print on FULL-PAGE sticker/label paper and trim out the designs after printing.

The colors in my files aren't printing out as I expected - what's the deal with that?

My files do not change from order to order - the color your file prints out will vary depending on which printer you use, the type of paper used and your printer settings. Here are some things to try to improve your color output:

1. Firstly check that you are printing from ADOBE READER only! Printing from other programs will often result in strange colors!

2. Print on Matte Photo Paper for best color. Printing on different or lesser quality types of paper can drastically change the colors even when using the same printer.

3. Make sure to check the level of ink in your ink cartridges.

4. Ensure you select the the correct type of paper in the Print Settings of the Print Dialog Box (e.g. don't select photo paper if you are printing on card stock).

5. Ensure that you have selected the best quality print settings in the Print Dialog Box.

6. Try selecting the "Print as Image" checkbox (found by clicking on the Advanced button in the Adobe Reader print dialog box). Selecting this can help with color correction on some printers.

I can't open the zip file - I get an error message that the file is damaged.  What do I do?

You will receive this message if you attempt to open your ZIP file directly in Adobe Reader. ZIP files cannot be opened in Adobe Reader - they need to be unzipped first. Once you down-load the zipped file right click on it and choose extract all. This will create an opened file. On a Mac you can double click on the ZIP file and it will unzip automatically. Once your file is unzipped, navigate to your un-zipped folder and open the individual pages in Adobe Reader.

Why am I being asked for a Password?

If you are being asked for a password you are trying to open your file in a program other than Adobe Reader. Please check which program you are using and open your file in Adobe Reader only – you do not need a pass-word to open the template in Adobe Reader.

I can't see any text in my file!

This happens if you open your file on an iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet or other mobile device – your file will not work on any of these devices. Please download your files from your desktop or laptop computer and then open in Adobe Reader.

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