Pirate Adventure Treasure Hunt
~Printable Party Game~

Yo Ho Ho , Me Hearties! The pirate  adventure treasure hunt is the ideal game for your kid's pirate party. The little pirates will have a blast following one pirate treasure hunt clue to the next until they reach the final treasure!

Each of the ten clues is packed full of fun pirate activities.  Each clue involves fun graphics and a different kind of puzzle, game, code, or activity that the players must solve to get to the next clue. 

This kid’s pirate treasure hunt game is ideal for pirate themed birthday parties. Best of all YOU get to determine the clue hiding locations so you can play ANYWHERE! 

Perfect for boys and girls Ages 6-12.  If you plan on helping then this would be suitable for slightly younger children as well. This hunt does involve reading so if you pre readers will need help reading the clues. You might also be interested in our pre-reader pirate scavenger hunt.

Printable Pirate Treasure Hunt
~How the Game Works~

Players are given the first clue and must figure out the answer in order to discover the hiding location of the next pirate hunt clue.  The clues off a variety of different activities, riddles, games, codes and puzzles for the children to solve.  No two clues are alike. A pirate decoder sheet is also included which children will use to solve some of the clues. 

Each pirate clue does has a numerical answer.  This is what enable you to decide the hiding locations.  Along with the hunt comes a Clue Master (seen on right).  This is a sheet that is numbered from 1-40.  Fill in the space next to each number with a hiding location, Only 10 hiding locations are actually going to be used for the game, the rest are decoys.  Instructions are included to give you the answers to each clue and to tell you what numbers to write the real hiding spots.

Printable Pirate Treasure Hunt
~Sample Clues~

Printable Pirate Treasure Hunt
~Included In Your Download~

Instructions and easy to follow Hiding Guide:This makes it easy to set up and implement the treasure hunt.

10 Colorful Eye-Catching Clues: featuring fun activities, puzzles, and games using creative pirate  illustrations.

Treasure Chest Winners Card: This is used for the winning card and is the end of the game. This can be hidden with a treasure reward of your choosing or you can have the children collect it and trade it in for the treasure. Treasure ideas could be pirate goodie bags, a pirate piñata, or you could simply celebrate victory with cake and ice cream.

Pirate Decoder Sheet Players: will use this colorful pirate decoder to solve some of the clues.

Editable Clue Master:  this printable page comes in a special PDF file that you can edit to include your own hiding locations.

Printable Pirate Lingo sheet: This is great to pass out at the beginning of the party to let guests brush up on their pirate talk. It also has all the phrases and words used in the treasure hunt in case the players need to translate.

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