Pin the Tail on the 'Possum!
~Printable Party Game~

This Pin the Tail on the 'Possum game was created as part of our redneck theme party games.  It’s played just like pin the tail on the donkey, except instead of a picture of a donkey there is an image of an opossum.

This game comes in a ready to print PDF file.  You have the choice of printing on standard 8x11 paper or if you want to print it bigger we have included a 12x18 version as well..  

How to Play our Spin & Pin Games

  1.  Hang the image on the wall at eye level with the players.

  2. .Blindfold the player

  3. Spin them around three times

  4.  Hand them a paper opossum tail (with sticky tack or tape on the backside)

  5.  Face them toward the poster. They must try and stick the tail as close to the proper location as possible without looking.

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