Little Knight Scavenger Hunt
~Printable Party Game~

Our little knight scavenger hunt is a great addition to your knight party games and perfect for pre-readers and children age 3-8. Most scavenger hunt offers a list of different objects for the player to find or locate. In this printable scavenger hunt each child receives a different colored knight, and they must locate all the knights objects that match that knight in the party area.

Each knight has a coordinating  helmet, shield, sword, armor, boots, and horse. Once a player or team finds all six of their knight items they can trade them in for a clue to the hidden location of the treasure. The clues are actually pieces of a puzzle. Once everyone has received their treasure clues they must work together to put the puzzle together to reveal the secret location of the  treasure. 

Little Knight Scavenger Hunt
~How to Set-Up Your Game~

1. Print out the hunt pages and cut out each knight and their coordinating game cards.

Sample Set

2. Place all the 6 Knight cards aside.  Hide the 36 coordinating game cards (six cards for each colored XXX) throughout your party area.

3 Assign each player or team a knight by giving them a character card.

4.  Players or teams must search and find all of their knight's six coordinating cards.  If they come across another players card they leave it be. 

5. One a player/team finds all their cards they can trade them in for two pieces of the puzzle.  We provide a picture of a knight to be your puzzle, but you can use any picture you would like cut up into 6 pieces.  When all the teams get their piece they work together to put their puzzle together to discover where the treasure is hidden.  In the case of the key once they put together the puzzle they can be rewarded with a real key. That key unlocks a door or a treasure box where goodie bags are waiting for them.

Little Knight Scavenger Hunt
~Features of this Party Game~

  • Fun and Unique This game is definitely something that hasn't been played before. It involves all the children playing at one time, so no one is sitting around waiting for their turn.

  • Cooperative Play This game doesn't label anyone a winner or a loser. All players must come together at the end and work together to find the treasure as a team. This equals lots of fun and zero hurt feelings.

  • Eye catching Graphics. All the graphics used on the scavenger hunt clues and game pieces are fun and colorful, high resolution, and appealing to the eye.

  • Play anywhere!  This game can be played outdoors or indoors.

  • Easy Set-up This printable scavenger hunt comes with complete rules that make it easy to set up the hunt. All you have to do is print the out, cut them out, and hide the pieces. You can print them out on your home computer on regular printing paper, or for more durability simply use card stock. You can also choose to have them printed at your local print shop. I like to get my printing done at Staples.

  • PRINTABLE Everything you need to play comes in a easy to print PDF form.

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Your Little Knight Scavenger Hunt Includes:

  • 6 Boy Knight Cards
  • 6 Girl Knight Cards (NEW)
  • 36 Knight Item Cards
  • 1 Key Puzzle
  • Easy Set-Up Instructions

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