Kids Stranger Things Treasure Hunt
~Printable Party Game~

Unlike our Stranger Things Trivia Treasure Hunt, our kids version doesn't require players to know the show.  This is a great option if your child wants a Stranger Things themed party but you don't want guests who may not be as big of fans as your kid to feel alienated.  The clues for this hunt are Stranger things themed, but they can be solved by anyone.  This hunt can also be played anywhere because we created it so that you choose the hiding locations. Check out some of our sample clues for this treasure hunt:

Kids Stranger Things Treasure Hunt
~Clue Samples~

For this first clue sample players read all the letters under the green lights F-O-R-T-Y-T-W-O which will tell them there next clue can be found at location 42 on the Clue Master.  The Clue Master (see next section) is a list where you type (the sheet is editable) or write the location where you plan to hide the clues.  On space 42 you would write a location that is located in your party area and then hide the next clue in that location. 

The second clue sample is a bit tougher, but in a fun way.  Players find all the names in the word search and the remaining letters will spell out there next clue location number.

The third clue sample uses a Mix Tape decoder.  After you print out the clues you will need to take a hole punch and remove the two circles in the middle of the tape.  Have this decoder hidden with this clue.  Players must place the decoder over each outline and write the letters revealed in the colored boxes provided at the bottom of the clue.  When all letters are decoded the next clue location number will be revealed.

Kids Stranger Things Treasure Hunt
~Clue Master~

The Clue Master comes in an editable PDF.  To prepare your hunt you will simply write in the locations by hand or you can open the file in Adobe Reader, click next to each number and type in a location where a clue may or may not be hidden.  You will be given instructions for which numbers are actual answers to clues and which ones are decoys.  In the decoy locations you will hide a Creature Token that lets the players know they got the answer wrong and must try again.

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  • Clue Answers
  • Set-Up Guide
  • Mixed Tape Decoder
  • Clue Master
  • Creature Tokens

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