Indiana Jones Adventure Treasure Hunt
~Printable Party Game~

If you are throwing an Indiana Jones or Adventure themed party then this easy to print and play Indiana Jones treasure hunt party game will serve as the perfect entertainment for your young guest.  It features fun and colorful Indiana Jones themed clues that will challenge your guest just enough to keep it interesting. 

This game can be played cooperatively or players can race against each other.  Once a player solves one clue it will provide the clue to where to find the next.  Best part is you can play this game anywhere because it's special design allows you to choose the hiding places!

This game includes 11 clues in two different versions - the original version and the easier version.  You can decide which one to use based on your game participants. 

Printable Indiana Jones Adventure Treasure Hunt
~How the Game Works~

Each team starts out with a Clue Master sheet and the starter clue. 

Each of the clues (see clue samples below) has a numerical answer.  When players figure out the answer they look up that number on their Clue Master ( shown on right) and they search in the location written next to that number.

When you set up the hunt you will fill out the Clue Master with whatever locations you want to use as hiding spots, and fill in the rest of the spots with decoy locations.

 So if the players believe the answer to a clue is (for example) the number 4, players will look on their Clue Master and go to whatever spot is written in spot number 4 to look for their next clue.  If they are correct they will find the next clue there, if they are wrong they will be lead to a decoy location where they will  find a Try Again card. 

This continues until they have solved all eleven clues.  The last clue will lead to the treasure. You can make the treasure whatever you like.  We have also included a VICTORY card with this hunt.

Printable Indiana Jones Adventure Treasure Hunt
~Game Clue Samples~

Each of the clues in this hunt are different, and requires a different way to solve. Once players solve the clue they will look up the answer (which is always a number) on their Clue Master.  The location written next to the correct answer is the place they will find their next clue.

NOTE: Average Clue size measures 7.5' x 5' and prints two per page

Treasure Hunt Clue Sample #1

Treasure Hunt Clue Sample #2

Treasure Hunt Clue Sample #3

Printable Indiana Jones Adventure Treasure Hunt
~Common Questions~

Should this be played indoors or outdoors?

This treasure hunt can be played indoors, outdoors, a mixture of both, at your house, at the park, really anywhere that has hiding places.  You decide where the clues are hidden so it is up to you where it is played.

What age is it best for?

Ages 7-14.  Players need to be able to read and do basic addition and subtraction.

How long does it take to play?

It truly depends on your group of kids and how hard you hide the clues.  I would allot 30-45 minutes.

What items will I need other than the printed hunt itself, to set up and play this game?

  • scissors
  • pencils / pens
  • envelopes to hold clues (optional)
  • Black Balloons

Do all players play together or race against each other?

It is up to you! The instructions provided include a how-to for both a  cooperative hunt, this is where all players work together to reach the end. It also includes instructions on how to play a competitive version of the hunt. This is where players compete against each other to be the first to find the treasure.

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Your Printable Indiana Jones Treasure Hunt Party Game includes:

  • Original 11 full-color high resolution Adventure themed hunt clues
  • 11 Easy Version Clues
  • Answer File
  • Editable Clue Master Sheets
  • Try Again cards
  • Complete Set-Up and Host Instructions

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