Game of Thrones Trivia Treasure Hunt
~Printable Party Game~

Our Game of Thrones trivia treasure hunt is not for the faint at heart... it is a true fandom game where you get to put all your knowledge of the Westeros and it's inhabitants to the test! 

This printable treasure hunt includes a variety of clues made up of trivia, puzzles, and games. Every clue is filled with a variety of trivia and each challenging clue leads to the next until all 20 are solved and players find the "treasure". The treasure can be whatever you want it to be, or just bragging rights.

This game can be played cooperatively (all in one group) or players can race against each other in a competitive version. Once a player/team solves one clue it will provide the clue to where to find the next. 

Game of Thrones Trivia Treasure Hunt
~How the Game Works~

We created this Game of Thrones trivia treasure hunt using our signature unique style that allows the host to be able set it up anywhere without having to use generic hiding places. So whether your event is taking place at home, or in the woods, in a cave,  on a train, in a school, or across an entire town - you can play this ANYWHERE.  

Players play in teams of 3-4 players.  Each team starts out with their first clue and an Answer Key (see below).  When players solve a clue they text the answer to each clue to you - the Clue Master, and if they are correct you text back the location to the next clue. If they are wrong you text back TRY AGAIN and add five minutes to their game time. 

Teams will  be given an Answer Key at the beginning of the hunt along with their first clue.  Since each clue answer is a number this key will also give players the correct number to certain answers.  For example if the answer to the question is Jon Snow, players would find Jon Snow's name of the Answer Key and text in the number located next to his name to receive the next clue location.

Another example of a time when players would utilize there Answer Key is the Clue Sample 1 below below.  It has a list of many Game of Throne quotes and players must determine who said each one. For each quote they will find the character that said it on their answer key and fill in all the numbers on the grid that matches that character.

So if they believe the quote was made by Sansa Stark then they would color in all the 35's found on the grid.  Once you do this with all the quotes then a word will be formed on the grid. Players will then find that word on the answer key and text in the number located next to it.  They will be texted back the next location to find a clue.

This continues until they have solved all 20 clues.  The last clue will lead to the the YOU WIN card and any treasure you choose to use for the grand prize!

Game of Thrones Trivia Treasure Hunt
~Alternative Game Play~

ALTERNATIVE TO HIDING CLUES: Instead of hiding spots you can tape numbered envelopes to a wall.  Players solve the clues as they normally would, but  the envelopes would replace the hiding locations.   If they solve the clue correctly the envelope they choose will have the next clue. If they choose the incorrect answer then the envelope they open will contain consequence cards with funny or challenging dares players must perform in order to try again.  The envelope that is the correct answer to the final clue will hold a message telling where the treasure is hidden.

Game of Thrones Trivia Treasure Hunt
~Game Clue Samples~

Trivia Treasure Hunt Clue Sample 1

Trivia Treasure Hunt Clue Sample 2

Trivia Treasure Hunt Clue Sample 3

Trivia Treasure Hunt Clue Sample 4

Along with 8 Visual Puzzle Clues like shown Above there are also 12 straight trivia clues like these two below.

Get Your Game of Thrones Trivia Treasure Hunt Game Now
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Your Game of Thrones Treasure Hunt includes:

  • 20 printable GOT themed clues
  • Answer sheet for each clue
  • host guide / clue location record
  • Answer Key for players to solve clues
  • Iron Throne Winners Tickets
  • set-up and host instructions

This printable party game is great for:

  • Game of Thrones themed Party
  • Game of Throne fan club
  • When you and your friends need a GoT fix and you don't have time to rewatch every episode AGAIN.
  • Making any night awesome!

Your printable game will arrive within minutes in a ready-to-print PDF file.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!  Contact  Us At:

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