Doc McStuffins Mini Treasure Hunt
~Printable Party Game~

Our printable editable Doc McStuffin's treasure hunt is the perfect game to add a bit of adventure to your party.  Our hunt features five clues that enables you to choose your own hiding locations.  

HOW IT WORKS: download the hunt.  Open in adobe reader.  Type in your chosen hiding location where directed, plus a few decoy locations and presto - you are ready to print and play.

Give the first clue to the players to start the game.  Every clue they solve will lead the to the next.  The last clue will lead them to the 'YOU WIN' victory card along with whatever treasure you decide.

Some ideas of places to hide clues include the shower, inside of flower pots, under the couch, and in the toy chest. In order to make sure the hints don't get lost, consider putting each one into a small plastic bag or envelope.

Printable Doc McStuffins Mini Treasure Hunt
~Common Questions~

Should this be played indoors or outdoors?

This treasure hunt can be played indoors, outdoors, a mixture of both, at your house, at the park, really anywhere that has hiding places.  You decide where the clues are hidden so it is up to you where it is played.

What age is it best for?

Ages 4-6.  Players need help to be able to read and do basic addition and subtraction.

How long does it take to play?

It truly depends on your group of kids and how hard you hide the clues.  I would allot 20-30 minutes.

What items will I need other than the printed hunt itself, to set up and play this game?

  • scissors
  • pencils / pens
  • envelopes to hold clues (optional)

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