~A Friends Show Printable Party Game~

Chandler made up the game of cups when he was moving out of the apartment with Joey and in with Monica.  He wanted to give Joey some money without making Joey feel like charity.  Chandler made up the rules of cups as he played with Joey so that whatever Joey had would win - our version of cups is a little different but still embraces the idea that any hand could be the winner if the cups are right.

You will need a deck of regular cards, our printable Cups Rule cards (download below), and play money.

HOW TO PLAY: The dealer deals all players two playing cards.  Next the dealer picks a Cups rule card off the top (Cups cards are in a stack facing down on table) and reads it.  The rule determines what hand wins that hand. 

Cups Rule cards examples below - Download comes with 36 Cup Cards!

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