Boo Boo Bear
~Printable Party Game~

In this game teams race to give medical attention to their "beary" hurt patients.  You will need our free Bear Boo Boo's printable and a box of band-aids (8 band-aids for every team you make) 

Divide players into two teams of 2-4 players.  Each team has a print out of three wounded bears at the finish line.  

The teams line up.  The first player races to the finish line, unwraps a band-aid and places it on one of the bears boo boo's.  Then they take a wrapped band-aid and race back to the start to hand it to the next player in line who then does the same. 

A child cannot move past the start line until a band-aid is placed in their hand.  The first to cover all eight boo boo's and make it back to the finish line wins the game!

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